OVERJEWELS was born with the aim of establishing an exclusive and international reference point among the operators of the Fashion&Luxury field. A social commerce that gives space to all the shades of jewelry. 
Artist Link:      https://www.overjewels.com/homepage/249/stina-wen/60a7d4d0761d4

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Interview by Peter Relic during SCAD Fashion Week 2021.
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            This is the seventh member exhibition in WE ARE SNAG series. It is a virtual catalog of some of the SNAG membership in 2021, created as a visual resource. 
             Press Link:      https://snag.squarespace.com/we-are-snag-2021/p/siqiong-wen

Munich Jewellery Week 2021
Current Obsession Magazine

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        Current Obsession is a jewellery magazine and platform based in the Netherlands. Appreciated for its experimental approach and unconventional style, CO showcases new ways of presenting and experiencing jewellery. CO collaborates with exceptional designers and artists and develops curatorial projects and events with renowned brands and cultural institutions.

Room with a View


L'Orafo Italiano Magazine
Milano Jewelry Week Preview

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Milano Jewelry Preview is a new editorial project by Prodes Italia, a company specialized in the realization of projects aimed at the international sponsorship and promotion of companies operating in the high jewelry, art design, fashion and wind fields.