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Artist Statement

        Jewelry is a tool that I use to explore the inner self. I strive to bring the visual and haptic quality of jewelry through contrasting colors and alternative materials to share serendipity. As a child, I used touch to explore the world around me, and with my jewelry, I hope to evoke that same curiosity by encouraging intuitive touch. It ultimately provokes dynamic interactions between wearer and viewer, visually and actually.


        In this body of work, I aim to awake sensory interaction. Growing up in an urban city where natural and industrial coexist harmoniously, brought me a different perspective. I am committed to finding my own definition of serendipity through daily studio practice. I believe if you treat one thing attentively, you can always find beauty in it.

        I work primarily with concrete, to me, it is not austere and bland but a flexible and shape-able material. I manipulate it in my own way to challenge its softness, tactility, and transparency. The transition of material from coarse to soft intrigues viewers to see and touch my jewelry.

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